The Word Manufacturing Company
A wholly-owned subsidiary of RECI
900 North Campbell Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60622 USA

The Word Manufacturing Company specializes in creating and designing customized phrases, slogans, quotations and unique words. The firm’s principals have over eight decades of marketing experience in various industries, mainly commercial real estate and product development. Each assignment is fully tailored to your specific needs. We find innovative solutions for highly complex word-creation assignments, particularly word ecosystems. Our words work, as we give you our word!

WordMfg.com’s roots date back to 1952, originally known as VO Manufacturing & Trading Co. The firm manufactured industrial drop lights and automotive accessories. The founders are credited with multiple patents, countless slogans and copyrighted works, as well as patents.

Recently, WordMfg invented the real estate ownership word ecosystem based upon real estate “premises”, with the “premi-” prefix including Premisist, Presite, Premispace, and Premiservant. These words serve as the basis for a new book titled Evicted Landlord: The 21st Century Real Estate Owner’s Manual.

We’re relentlessly pursuing new, fresh ideas, word for word. Our craft. Our passion. Our mission. No words are too small or too big for our design studios to construct for you.

Other word inventions span various products such as Wonder Wand, Mortgage Dice, Real Estate Capital Scoreboard, QuickQuote, CAPITAL Hotline, Illinois Majic, Dunhill Properties, Ciberea, The “-view” Buildings, Neighborhood Ward Interstate Logos, US RateWatch.

Need a clever, inventive word or quote to promote your product or service? Please contact us discuss your word design and branding needs. Let our creativity and passion for excellence work for you. Your success is our success. Thank you!

“We give you our word


WORD ECOSYSTEM: A grouping of words linked together based upon a central theme or concept, resulting in definition uniformity.  Using Prefixes and suffixes serve as the most common methods of grouping letters to create terminology associations.