Mission Statement

“Researching Real Estate Capital…”
— The Real Estate Capital Institute®

The site is maintained by The Real Estate Capital Institute®  headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The Institute is a research organization staffed by volunteers dedicated to studying real estate capital markets within the United States.  The Institute’s volunteers  are industry-renowned experts working within commercial real estate markets — both providers and users of capital market information.

Exclusively focusing on the income-producing property arena, the Institute strives to offer timely information to owners, investors, developers, lenders, service providers and other professionals interested in tracking overall realty capital markets.

Market research is based on variety of sources.  In addition to the Institute’s primary research, data is gathered and analyzed from capital providers, investors, academia, appraisers/advisors, government agencies, industry trade groups and Editorial Advisory Group members.

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The Real Estate Capital Institute® is solely responsible for the contents herein.  All information is subject  to errors and omissions and should not be relied upon for any financial decisions.  Instead, the website is intended to serve as a research forum.